• Filter baskets are a luxury problem.

    Filtermandjes: keuzestress of luxeprobleem?
    It used to be simpler. You bought an espresso machine and used the filter baskets that came standard with the machine. These worked fine and no further questions were asked. Fast forward to today and the range is a lot more extensive and complex. A quick guide through the filter basket landscape.
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  • Coffee grinders

    Koffiemolens: vaak onderschat maar o zo belangrijk.
    When you enter a coffee bar, your eye as a coffee lover often goes first to the large espresso machine. Is understandable. After all, it is the heart of the coffee bar and the workhorse of the barista. Such an espresso machine also often looks beautiful. The small mills next to it are therefore sometimes overlooked. Too bad, because their role is at least as important as that of the espresso machine. A brief introduction to the coffee grinder.
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  • Acidity in coffee: what do we actually taste?

    Aciditeit in koffie: wat proeven we eigenlijk?
    Acidity and coffee are 2 things that are inextricably linked. Some like a little more acidity in their coffee, others prefer more roasted aromas. But where do these acids come from? And what do we actually taste when we talk about acidity?
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