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Coffee with a stubborn side. For those who value life experience over theory. Rumjack is always processed through unique fermentation techniques, so that the aroma pallet always has something very unique in store.

With its unique fermentation methods , Villa Boa always has a number of toppers in house. For our first Rumjack we chose their Lot 215. After owner Monica Borges de Sousa inherited the Brazilian coffee plantation from her father in 1988, Villa Boa grew into one of the leading coffee plantations in Campo das Vertentes in terms of experimental fermentation techniques. Their Lot 215 first undergoes an aerobic carbonic maceration fermentation period. Afterwards, the fermentation is continued without the presence of oxygen for 96 hours. This unique combination of both fermentation techniques creates the typical rum aromas that characterize this coffee.

Origin Brazil
Region Campo das Vertentes
Anaerobic Fermentation
Producer Monica Borges
Flavor keys Rum, Red Fruits
SCA Score 86