Back In Black

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Back In Black is sturdy and uncompromising for espresso drinkers pur sang. Expect dominating cocoa and toasty notes with a full body. Back in Black is always processed natural / pulped natural.

For the first edition of our Back In Black label, we chose the Bourbon Collection from Daterra in Brazil . This coffee is grown on the Boa Vista farm. Located in the Cerrado region, this coffee benefits from an extremely favorable climate with cold, dry winters and humid, warm summers. Daterra is also known for a rich experience in the field of processing methods. Bourbon Collection is characterized by a pulped natural process in which both the berry and the pectin layer are mechanically removed without fermentation in water, which ensures the typical aroma qualities of this coffee.

Origin Brazil
Region Cerrado Mineiro
Pulped Natural
Variety Red Bourbon
Producer Datera
Height 1150m
Flavor keys Nutty, Chocolate, Sweet Citrus
Sca Score 85