Tailored Coffee Made to Measure

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We have developed this unique trajectory to give restaurants and coffee bars the opportunity to select a completely unique Single Origin. Together with our specialty coffee partners, we choose from more than 100 different specialty coffees. This way you can count on a completely unique coffee.

Our workshop 'Tailored Espresso Custom' consists of 3 tasting sessions spread over 3 half days. We take a closer look at the following things:

  • A complete education on the origin of aroma and taste in coffee
  • Impact of different roasting profiles on aroma and taste
  • Impact of processing methods on aroma and taste
  • Impact of terroir on aroma and taste
  • Tasting to determine the desired flavor and aroma profile
  • Tasting to select the desired Single Origin coffee
  • Tasting of 4 different grid profiles of the chosen Single Origin
  • Grinder/espresso machine adjustments

After these sessions, the customer knows all aspects of his/her chosen coffee.

This trajectory has been set up for customers with consumption from 10 kg per month.